Im running a 50 gallon freshwater tropical setup

6- long fin zebra danios
6- albino cory cats
1- marble anglefish
1- pineapple sword tail
1- Albino rainbow shark
1-Bristle nose pleco added 2 days ago (dead)
1- African Dwarf frog added 2 days ago (dead)

water parameters are
PH- 7.4

running a marineland duel bio wheel filter. I changed out the filters inside the same day as I added the fish. not the wheels but the carbon filters. And I added a cave to the tank(washed off) and moved things around some.

temp is at 74.
it looked like the pleco got stuck between a air hose and the wall and drowned.

not sure what happened to the frog. he was just laying on the bottom belly up.'

the weird thing is I got them from 2 different places..

the pleco came from my LFS and the frog from petsmart.