Hello, I will try to keep this post to strictly facts, and short and sweet.

I have been breeding my own strain of guppies for a few years now with great results.

MY breeding program is very different than many others, as color and appearance is not very important to me. Im going for SIZE and Unique Guppies.

my current batch of guppies are as followed.
Females : 3 inch body + 1 inch long tail = 4 inches
Males : 3 inch body + 1 inch long tail = 4 inches
YES my males are getting to a point where they are the same size of femails if not larger. With each generation I see an increase of about 3-5% increase in size.

This is how i judge my guppies in order of importance:
1) Size of body
2) Thickness of tail
3) Size of tail
4) Unique features ( head shape, tail shape, ext)
5) color
I take each adult fish, do my measurments, and plug them into a formula I created that gives each fish a score, and is then recorded. Then I take the top 20 scores ( 5 males, 15 females) and then allow them to breed.
??Why breed 20 fish at random based on score?? simply because it works, and im looking for large variations to select from.

SO what is this post about:
Simple, After years of breeding these fish, its time to do some out crossing with other strains to keep my fish healthy, and add traits, then improve on them.

So What Do I need:
-Im looking for some guppys to breed with. With emphases on SIZE and Strange appearance. Not color appearance, buy rare finage, and head shape.
-If you are interested, please post images of your guppy next to a ruler on this post, if i am interested, I will contact you to setup buying cost.
-I am also willing to trade strains if both partys would like

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. When I feel my strain is ready to go public, i will be selling them on my site, and will keep you updated on their status.

Thank you!