hey, i have a problem with my ancistrus fry they are about 5 month old now and should be about 2 inch but mine are almost an inch. I have 3 other ancistrus from the same batch that are almost 2 and a half inch the only diffrent between them is that the 3 large ones were living in a 99 gallon 3 weeks before i got a 99 gallon free for all of my fry i have.

i give them algae wafers 2 times a day but they are not eating like they should be they never have. what i mean by normal is according to my uncle that have been breeding them for several years. he feeds the same amount of fry 14 algae wafers a day while mine eats 1-2 a day.

Anyone have an idea why they are not growing? I want to fix this asap so i can sell them off