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    Man I'm jealous of that driftwood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkman262
    Man I'm jealous of that driftwood.
    God me too. Your tank scape is amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southernfryedyankee
    THANK YOU. Yes it had been previously been running with fish (within 3-4 days), all I did was, clean the tank, add driftwood and just maintenance dose the tank to keep the bacteria alive for the small amount of fish I was going to add to start. Then did a complete water change the evening before fish, tested that morning for ammonia, she came out clear, then went and got fish. Plants came about 2 days ago. I will look into the buried plants as I never had an issue with buried roots but this is also my first time with sand.
    With any of the rhizome plants -- Anubias, java ferns, etc. -- the rhizome must remain on or above the substrate. It's okay to bury the roots, themselves, but not the rhizomes. Some folks attach these plants to wood or other decor, others bury the roots directly and let the rest of the plant sit on the substrate. Either way, you're fine. Just don't let the rhizomes get covered up with sand or gravel. It will rot them, eventually.
    20 gal. high: planted; 7 white cloud minnows, several RCS, 2 blue shrimp, 5 Amano shrimp, several snails; Azoo air. 65 gal: planted; 6 rosy barbs, 6 yellow glofish, 3 red glofish, 3 zebra danios, 5 white cloud minnows, 3 dojo loaches, 6 crimson spot rainbow fish, 12 large Amano Shrimp, several snails; AC110.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishmommie
    great looking tank. Now I have a serious case of roseline shark envy! And the odessa barbs are knock out. At least I think those are odessa barbs???
    Oh yeah, those are odessa barbs and they are beautiful as are the denisons.

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    Yes they are, they are awesome. I JUST put the dwarf baby tears in the tank and it gives the tank a whole new dimension of awesomeness. I will take some more pics tonight. I wish I had waited on doing the hairgrass as I believe the DBT would make a KILLER carpet, however I did put 2 nice clumps on the sand and all the leftover pickens in my turtle tank

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    Tank looks awesome and the driftwood is to kill for.

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    Thank you, I got all 6 of those pieces for a STEAL. I am LOVING these DBT's on the driftwood, the bright green against that tan and brown looks phenomenal. I will post some new pics very soon so keep an eye out. I think this is going to be 1 of the best tank setups I have ever done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    Tank looks awesome and the driftwood is to kill for.

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    Here are a bunch of new pics I took tonight. I am working on my fish pic taking skills so just bare with me, sometimes they cooperate, sometimes not.

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