So guys, I have been away for a bit due to school and such. I have recently been keeping a journal for the conversion of my 75g Mbuna tank to a Planted tank. I know this is gonna seem weird cause this was posted on another forum a few months ago while I got all my supplies in order. So here is the initial post I made that included all my supplies and such :D

I have been smitten by the planted tank bug recently and endeavored with a 15g small planted tank. I messed that up the first time but diddnt give up and tried again and well, I am having some great results over the past several months. I have recently decided that I want to get really serious about planted tanks and transform my 75G African Cichlid tank to a tropical fish, massive planted tank:icon_eek:.

It is just time for something new if anyone knows what I mean ( had the Cichlids for several years now ).

So I have began to gather all the necessary items! But I could use some input on things if you all would recommend I get. It seems a lot different having a larger tank.

Things I have for the 75 gallon:

2 x Westek TE06WHB 2 Outlet Digital Timer with 2 Grounded Outlet, White

- Brand New 2x Eheim 2217 (still in box ) ( will be taken cycled media from current 75g setup and putting it in the eheims :))


- 5lb Co2 Cylinder
- Green Leaf Aquarium Co2 Regulator ( Stainless Steel one )
- GLA Diffuser ( currently have a smaller one, will be getting a large one for the 75g)

Lighting: Currently in route here via shipper :)

Catalina Aquarium 3 Lamp t5HO fixture.
- 2 x 6.5k and 1 x plant grow bulb:
- This fixture seemed to be the best bang for the buck. For the price I was able to get the light fixture and the eheim 2217 for LESS than a 4 bulb fixture.

- Also to note, I will not be running all 3 bulbs at once. I will be running 2 on a timer together and 3rd on a noon "Burst" timer.

Substrate: Currently in route here via shipper :)

-ADA AquaSoil: Currently have 5 x 9L Bags on the way.

- 2 x Aqueon Pro 250w (had these forever!)

- I purchased a piece of driftwood on Ebay recently. Only to see it on here as well xD. Its a large piece and I hope to run it from the left hand side of the tank to middle-ish. A pic of the driftwood from Ebay ( I am sorry if you did not want this picture used, I just havent gotten the wood yet cause I just bought it yesterday :tongue: )

- I ordered the Pfertz Hi tech soltution with the 45% off :D
Ok so that is what I currently have for the 75g. Please feel free to comment. All comments and suggestions will be taken seriously! And I will respond to EVERYONE that posts in this thread.

Test Kit:
- I now have an API Freshwater Master Test Kit :D
- I have ordered an API KH & GH Test Kit :D

Now we are on to things that I still need to get. Not much is left that I am fully aware of, and I will do my best to get ahold of everything in a timely manner :).

Things I need or have questions about:

Filter Questions:
-I am thinking of purchasing a second Eheim 2217 or the Eheim Pro 90 or higher to put on the tank in place of the AC 110s and Fluval 305 once the ammonia is gone from the Aquasoil. . It seems it may be more aesthetically pleasing to do so. Please feel free to give me your opinions!

- Ordered PFertz Hi Tech Solution!
- Need to find some reliable Osmocote capsules!

Glassware(AKA DropCheckers):
- I currently have a CalAqua Nano Dropchecker from GLA. I dont know if this will be enough for the 75 gallon. Might need to upgrade this.

As I continue to go through the process of all this, I will add more things that I need as I found out what they are! Of course, once again, please feel free to comment and add suggestions!

So now to the Fish and Plants segment of this journal. I currently have these ideas:

- German Blue Rams ( want to get 1 male and 1 female, maybe 2 females if the tank size permits it. What do you guys think).
- Cardinal Tetras
- Fancy Tail Guppies
- Panda Cories :)

Those are what I know I want if I can make it work. Time will tell as I do more research to see what Rams will be compatible and comfortable with.


This is where my lack of a vast majority of plants bothers me. I currently did not organize my 15g at all. Just put the plants in as I saw fit and made kind of an unorganized jungle of sorts. But with this 75 I really want it to be organized with stems in the back, some bushiness in the mid ground, and a decent carpeting plant. I am still looking into different types of plants trying to identify the names and correlate them to where they would go in the tank.

Currently I know I have and want:

- Mircro Sword
- Ludwigia ( I currently have many different types in my 15g, just not very organized)
- Amazon Sword
-Blyxa Japonica(Currently have a bit in my 15g :D)
- Moss for the Driftwood ( have a little bit but not much right now)
- Crypt Wendtii
- Anubias ( have a few different kinds right now)

And here is a pic of the 15g at the start:

And I also added some of this ( not sure what the name is but its beautiful and has grown out of control lately xD sorry for the strings of moss left on them, this pic was taken immediately after they were planted)

Those are some of the plants I KNOW I currently have and will be transferring to the 75g. I will be needing to find a LOT more plants and in a more organized fashion then the 15g. So this is something I need tons of suggestions on, and pictures if you have them!!!! All help will be greatly appreciated and you will be thanked personally for any suggestion!