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    Default My DIY Rock Cave

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    Hereís my DIY cave project for my tank. I took the idea from a DYI project that was posted by Northernguy.

    I started with a 3 inch ABS, TY. They cost just under $9 at home depot. I sanded down the inside edges. Now that Iím down it just occurred to me that I should have gave the outside of the ABS a quick sanding with the fine grain sanded paper to help the silicone stick to it.

    I wanted the cave to match the rocks that I already have ion my tank. I used 2 small bags of dark colour, natural riverbed stones that you can buy form Wal-Mart for approx $2 to $4 per bag (I forgot how much).

    I started by attaching the bottom row of rocks the ABS TY and then let if dry overnight. I used black coloured aquarium silicon so it would not be noticeable. Bought it form my LFS for $18. You can find silicone that is just as good for about $3 but I didnít want it to be noticeable.

    Once the bottom row was dry, I glued the next one on top of that with the black silicone

    I kept repeating the process allowing it to dry overnight until I reached the top of the ABS TY. I added extra rocks to try to make it look more like a natural pile of rocks.

    It think it matches the natural look I was trying to go for in my tank.

    Let me know what you guys think
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by Cliff; 10-20-2011 at 11:05 PM.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Look great Cliff. Nice job.

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    Looks great buddy!

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    I like it, it looks good.
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    PVC pipe can be used for a lot of different tank projects and this is a great example of how to make it look more natural. I like the tank too.


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    Great idea. Looks good.

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    Great Idea's

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    Great Idea!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatherB
    Great Idea!!
    That's what I said....

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    Would any silicone work? Or is there a specific kind for aquariums?
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