First I broke the handle on my Marineland C220 canister filter so I over nighted a new Fluval G3 (it looked very user friendly for my weak fingers).
I transferred all my media to the new filter and tested my parameters daily to make sure all was problems.

Then we lost power for 1-1/2 days so I added battery operated air stones but I did not have anyway to keep the filter running (have since ordered a sponge filter that can be run by a battery operated airstone) but I must have lost my BB because I'm now seeing ammonia.

This really didn't worry me at first because I started out doing an "unintentional" fishin cycle so I'm a pro at daily water changes (my ottos are so used to it they will attach themselves to the the siphon)

Here's the problem...I'm going on vacation in less than 2 weeks and am terrified at the thought that my tank will not "recycle" by the time I have to leave. I don't have anyone I can teach to do water changes but I'm going to ask the LFS if anyone there can come to my house while I'm gone as a last resort to monitor and do water changes.

I've also thought about asking the lfs for some used media but just the thought of adding something unhealthy to my very healthy tank makes me cringe, it may be swapping one problem for another.

I'm also attempting a fishless cycle with my 20 gal QT in the hope that I could then transfer the media from that HOB filter to my canister but that may not happen in time for my vacation.

Another thought is an upflow algae scrubber (will be receiving tomorrow) but I'm on the fence as to whether this will help or hurt the current cycling issue. I'm panicking

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!