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Yes I have a heater with a built in thermostat, it keeps it between 76 and 82 fahrenheit. My filter is a Tetra whisper PF10. The media is just a little black looking spongy thing that came with it.

My PH just a moment ago looked to be in the high 7s, and my ammonia was at about 1.0. I'm doing a water change as we speak.
It's important to keep a constant temp in the tank - is your heater adjustable? Many of us keep our tanks between 76-80 and make sure that the new water you add is the same temp as what's in the tank otherwise your fish will get stressed.

As was stated above, it's important to keep the ammonia no higher than .5 - I usually recommend no higher than .25 - you need to have some ammonia present to grow bacteria and feed whats already in the filter (it's their food). Eventually you will see parameters for a cycled tank but it will take time.