ok so I notice my 2 bps are swarming in a corner, i go to look at tiny, not micro white egg things. i thought they might be pleco eggs, so my platys are trying to eat them, and the parrots ae getting mean. So i go to scatter them, and both parrots start to attack me, for not being able to shut there mouth they sure do pack a a bite. ok so as i write this, one is picking the eggs back up while the other is moving gravel around to make a nest i assume. so the big orange parrot also has um, a penis or somthing comming from near his bottem fin above his tail. not being pervert but not sure if it is penis or egg sack, to me it is a pretty big size to be a penis for a fish. what should I do, i dont want them to get mean, i dont want fish babies; but I feel bad watching them panic