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Thread: Sick corys

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    Default Sick corys

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    Hi all,

    I have gotten in from work to find one of my black corys lying at top of the tank as if it was dead. When I went to fish him out, he had swam off but is sat on a leaf breathing heavily and looking worse for wear!! On closer inspection, I have noticed that another of them looks to be unwell also, and has white marks down his side. Now I recently added a leopard frog plec to the tank and I am wondering whether this has affected the two fish, the other fish (zebra danios and black phantoms) seem fine, is this a case that the new fish has caused illness?
    Obviously more water changes are needed, and I will do these daily for the next week or so, but in regards to the ill fish, what am I best to do, I have no facility to remove them as I don't have a quarantine tank. ( on that note, what is the best way to start one) and with one looki g so unwell, am I looki g at having to put it out of its misery?

    Thanks in advance for your help everyone!

    New Guy!!

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    Sounds like maybe ich (specially if you didn't QT new addition)

    Best remedy I have had luck with is to add aquarium salt and up your temp slowly to around 85 degrees F.

    Will need to keep it like this for at least a week + another week after you think its all gone

    Read up on ich, it is a tricky thing if you haven't dealt with it before because you will think it is gone, but its just in a stage where you can't see it.

    From the sounds of it you are pretty far along, the two corys may not make it, but they may

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    Do you know what your water parameters are?

    Yes, water changes are important - how large of a tank is this?

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    Going to find out water params tomorrow as have run out of testing stuff!
    It's 125l.
    Will start the water changes tonight and going to Lfs tomorrow as hopefully will be able to pick up anything I need in regards to aeration.
    I think you may be correct in saying the black corys may be too sick, but will do my best!!
    As I said, all the others look fine!!


    New Guy!!

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    Very important to know your params are good (and showing the tank is cycled before adding bottom feeders) before adding fish and then monitoring them once new fish are added to make sure there are no ammonia spikes.

    Having adequate aeration is important to provide sufficient oxygen. Hope your fish improve!

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    Absolutely, have been really rigid in making sure the water has been fine before adding any fish, though may have not waited long enough before adding the plec with their higher bio load!!
    What ways are there to increase aeration, I know the filter provides the majority of this through water flow?

    New Guy!!

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