I did my usual craigs list search and found a 20 gallon long for sale for only $20 and it included all the extras. Filter, heater, hood, light, bottle of prime, gravel vaccuum, net, ornaments, etc. Turns out this tank belonged to an old lady who passed away and has not been maintained well for a couple of months. The tanks residents included 3 glass catfish and 1 cherry barb (yeah I know, terrible stocking). There was a tremendous amount of green algae building up everywhere, and huge towers of white mold coming out of the substrate.

I have temporarily re-homed the fish in my 55 gallon and drained the tank. I have hooked up the filter in my 55 to maintain the BB, and I will start the big clean out this weekend. The fish survived the transfer so far.

My plan right now is to get the tank sparkling clean, do a sandy bottom with natural rock and driftwood and do some plants. Was thinking of doing some three lined cory cats, some head and tail light tetras, and some shrimp.

What would you all do if you had the choice?

Pictures will follow in the next few days.

I could not pass up this deal for $20.