I got a 5 gal tank for Christmas, and I'm looking for suggestions on what to put in it.

I have a larger tank, that has 2 angels, 12 neons, 6 black neons, 3 black skirt tetras and a beta. They are all very healthy and seem happy. The tank also has live plants. Over the last 9 months I've lost 1 neon so I'm figure I'm doing pretty well all in all. The 2 angels will most likely be leaving soon, they're a matting pair and are turning rather aggressive to the other fish. But I'll see how that goes.

I'm thinking of either a school of small fish, neons, or something along that line. I plan on using live plants in this one as well. Maybe a shrimp for cleaning.

That or perhaps 2-3 dwarf Cichlids of some sort.

I know 5 gallons isn't a big tank, so I'm rather limited in what I can put in there, but any ideas would be most welcome.