So, here's the story...

I have an acquaintance who is also into fishkeeping. He has a 45 gallon tank with 2 Discus, 1 Angel, 1 MASSIVE plecostomus, an Elephant Nose Fish aaand a large Fire Eel. I know that stocking is pretty horrendous and have tried telling him so. However, he does seem to take pretty good care of his fish (even if the care isn't quite up to my standards, it's better than a lot of terrible aquarists around here).

Anyway, he has been trying to rehome his fire eel for quite some time but with no success. He says he no longer has time to feed it as the only thing he can get it to eat is earthworms, which he has to dig for as pet shops here do not sell them.

He has offered it to me for free. I know my 65g tank is less than ideal for a fire eel but it has to be better than where it is now, even if I just took it temporarily until I could find a proper home for it. I'm afraid if I don't take it he'll starve it to death.

So, what would you do? And also, does anyone have any tips on what to feed a fire eel that won't eat? He said it even refuses bloodworms. I was considering trying meal worms, which we feed to our frogs.