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    Default Small Aquarium...Months Later

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    I came to this forum in Aug,looking for suggestions with our 6 gallon tank.We have had it for years and it has had its up and downs.I wanted to search out more info and advice.I found a lot of good info here and now months later here is what has happened.

    After my original post in Aug I went out and got about 4 Ghost Shrimp.They lasted not too long.I had purchased them from a local Petsmart.I also got a tag along,a Trumpet Snail.The shrimp went and the snail didn't.So I went to another shop and got some more Ghost Shrimp since they were cheap.I that I also got a tag along,a wild Guppy fry.The shrimp went and the Guppy and snail stayed.I did notice another snail but they seem to like the algae on my plants.So on my next visit about a month later I got three more of the Wild Guppies so my one would have company.

    Well one,with the most color,turned out to be a mail.He did not have the colors but they came on in a few weeks.I take with the plain look the others are female.Well at least one is.Now I have ten fry in the tank.I know it is not big enough for that many full grown.It is the only tank we have and I really do not have the cash to upgrade or buy another at this point.I do once a week water changes.I have added a DIY filter and modified the hang on the back filter and they both do a great job and keep the water clean.No problems with any of my numbers.

    I will have to find a way to get rid of some of the guppies as they grow.Maybe in the mean time I can decide whether to go all female or male when I thin out the herd.Now I know what really works in these little tanks.

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    You could always try to trade them to your lfs for store credit. Not all of them do that but some do.

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    Best thing for small tanks is not be buy fish that populate like rabbits. A group of neons or cardinal tetra's would have been nice or even some glowlight tetra's or micro-rasbora.

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    +1 to Lady Hobbs; some neon tetra's would be ideal and very colorful; male guppies alone are fine but return those mixed fish asap. The aquarium will really go down hill fast as the fish breed.
    Knowledge is fun(damental)

    A 75 gal with eight Discus, fake plants, and a lot of wood also with sand substrate. Clean up crew is down to just two Sterba's Corys. Filters: continuous new water flow; canister w/UV, in-tank algae scrubber!! Finally, junked the nitrate removal unit from hell.

    For Fishless cycling:

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    I'd go all male. They're smaller, more colorful, and won't be having babies for months on end (females can store sperm to continue fertilizing eggs even after males are gone).
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    You can easily tell genders on livebearers such as your guppies once you know the trick. This post: will point out the differences.

    At first they will all look like females right after they are born, but as they mature that back fin changes and you can sort them out.

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    Thanks everyone.I know I have a population problem with this.When I got the last 3 guppies the male had no color.We did notice his color coming on.I did not know it would happen this fast.I will probably call the local LF and see if they will take them.I will go with an all male group 4-5 and try to get rid of the females and any extra males.If I have to I will give them away free.

    Thanks Again

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    Called all pets shops here in Sacramento and none will take them.My daughter has a few friends with aquariums and will check with them after she goes back to school next week.

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