I am pretty good at determining what my aquascape should look like, but now I am thinking what fish I should do in my 125. I am considering some cory's, blood-fin tetras,neon tetras, a couple of Siamese algae eaters, definitely some bristlenose plecos, I really like the look of the Denison barbs but do not know much about them. For plants I am going to do a sporadic ground cover of dwarf baby tears, a BUNCH of Anubias varieties, downoi (if I can find it) and thinking about some star moss on some of the limbs. I am entertaining suggestions, my old 125 was awesome (came in #2 wordwide for best all time freshwater tank on Ratemyfishtank.com) and now I want to shoot for #1. Here is a pic of my tank as it stands now. It is a fresh restart and I am going through NTS so please forgive the cloudiness.