I've noticed my oto cats active tonight. but two of them are chasing each other around the tank.

Today i added some water wisteria stems and barcoa on top of the wisteria and barcoa already in there because there weren't initially enough plants.

Right now it's the night time lights for the tank so i can still see for right now what's going on in the tank...but two of the three oto cats have been chasing themselves around the tank for the past ten to twenty minutes (possibly longer but as my 19 inch monitor for my computer blocks the normal view didn't notice it til just now)

Thoughts? I don't know what genders i got from jack's pets when i bought them.

Water temp currently 80.4 and did a large water change today on the tank due to ammo readings of .5. ended up being a twenty five percent with a full refill and then another 50percent after the refil as i didn't take out enough at the time.

so nitrites should be zero and ammo should be zero or very low right now.