Hey all,

Just upgraded my boy from a Marineland 3 gal bowfront to an Aqueon Evolve 8. Thought he would enjoy some more room, and I wanted to give him some live plants (java fern and anubias). Previous tank was cycled. I modified the Evolve by drilling holes in the bottom of the media chamber and using AC Biomax and an AC sponge instead of the cartridge. Stuck the media from the old Tetra filter in there too, so I wouldn't have to put him through a cycle again. Tested tank tonight and parameters are all good.

He doesn't seem to appreciate his new home that much, and I'm not sure if it's just sulking or because of the current. He did eat last night and tonight, his normal piggy self. The pump is turned down to its lowest setting. Tried aiming the output nozzle toward his tree to disperse the flow a bit, which seemed to help, but I would still find him flat against the overflow grid. He would readily swim away from it with ease, so it wasn't like he was just stuck there because of flow - I wonder if it just made an easy resting spot for him. Anyway, tonight we put a sponge prefilter over the output, which definitely slowed down the flow even more. (While we were messing with it, I put my hand in front of the nozzle and it didn't seem very strong at all.) It just seems like there is now no flow in the tank at all. Surface is very still and has a slight film.

So I guess my questions are:
1. Can you have too little flow in a tank, or does it not matter as long as the water is turned over enough?
2. Is the surface film something to be worried about?
3. Do the plants need a current? Hubby read that they need some to keep algae from settling on the leaves.
4. Could my little guy just be sulking and not appreciative of his new home?

Thanks in advance!