I kind of have a weird question, I have been recently cycling my 150 gallon tank, at first there were four mollys and just recently I came across some very large Pacu fish, i have four the biggest 1 being 22 inches in length, I took them because the guy was going to put them in the local Lake but they ended up being too big, my question, is cycling a tank faster with bigger fish than a lot of smaller fish or is it kind of the same, like when I have the four mollies in there the tanke was fully cycled I believe and then I just put these big guys in there is a going to crash it or just take a little bit too catch up on the bio load, I just wanna know if I'm going to have a lot of fish in my freezer or these guys going to survive I'm actually trying to get rid of them because I'm trying to head to the tropical smaller fish, but I thought I'd save these guys and save my buddy from getting a big ticket, and plus my filter isn't the best right now it's not big enough for these guys I'm trying to modify it so can hold a lot of BB, I only have ammonia strips and my ammonia is about 3. O , so I modify my API modular filter with a whole bunch of pillow stuffing and also my powerhead with a 1 liter bottle and pillow stuffing as well, I have tw moving bed filter but Im not too knowledgeable on those I do not know how long they take to be fully activated, I'm using a 1 liter bottle with and they have been running for about 2 weeks, they definitely seem stressed out and my budget is it looking to save you guys because I figure I could just eat the there's about 30 pounds of fish in the tank, is very cheap and easy way to keep the ammonia down, and keep you guys comfortable, and another question if I take the fish out can I see a doc the same thing with the same water with the whole bunch of smaller tropical fish? thanks for the info