The mister is very interested in having a SW tank. We've been researching them a bit, but have a bit of a disagreement in one issue and would love for the experienced keepers to weigh in.

One of us thinks we should start with the sturdiest, easiest fish suggested as starters- like some of the damsels, even if they really limit our future tank mate choices (that would probably be a good thing, actually, to prevent rushing into less hardy but very tempting species).

The other of us thinks it is more important to start with captive bred fish, as opposed to some of the starters that, as far as we've read, are generally harvested. Is that ethical angle negated if we can't get a slightly more difficult captive bred species to thrive, though?

We know that some clowns may fit both categories, but have concerns about whether they'd really thrive without anemones? We intend to start out fish only.

Some other species we've seen that might cover both categories are Orchid Dottybacks and Neon gobies, but we've had mixed advice on whether either are really suited for rookies.

Lest we seem like we're putting the horse before the cart, we're interested in settling on a fish species to narrow down some of the research and supply decisions. The hypothetical tank we're doing the research for is going to go in a home we just bought the land for, and won't begin building until summer. This is something he's hoping to set up in two years or so.