Possibly good news tonight.

I was checking the Zebra Nerite snail tank for eggs again and didn't find any... However, I did find at least 2 baby snails moving around on the glass. Obviously they're entirely too small and transparent to see exactly what they are, but I would highly doubt they're pond snails, since it's brackish water. Hopefully in the next week, I'll start to see some development with their shells and will be able to confirm what they are. Woohoo!

As for the Rabbits... looks like I was a month off. My supplier said April and I was thinking March. However, this week is supposed to be amazingly nice (today was in the high 60s, and it's supposed to be between 50-60 all week), so I pushed him into moving up the ship date (which he was ok with). I should have my 5 Orange Rabbits in the next few days.