Finally getting coralline algae on my rocks! I moved my powerhead really close to the rock that has coralline algae on it, and within one day I am seeing it pop up all over the rocks on the left side of the tank. I am going to add a 2nd powerhead that I had kicking around to the right side of the tank to help spread the coralline on that side, too.

I am moving at the end of July and I plan to make some changes during the move:

1. Start fresh with a brand new 20H tank. (My current tank has scratches everywhere...)
2. Take off the top trim. (Based off lots of is safe on tanks that don't require a middle support.)
3. Paint the back black rather than blue. (Big mistake, but personal preference.
4a. Get a new bulb for my 65w PC fixture. (10,000k/420nm - -Don't know age of current bulb.)


4b. Get the Reefbreeders Value LED fixture.

Once that is said and done, I will continue adding coral to the tank.