It been 25 years or more but I'm getting back into a salt water tank. After reading here and else where I have decided on a reef tank. My son bought himself a 38 gallon tank and stand a couple of days ago and we have it running with my two filters, plants, substrate, slate, driftwood, and fish. I now have an empty 55 gallon tank. Boy does it look sad.

Today I bought a large pail of Instant ocean reef crystals (it was on sale), one 750 gallon Koralia circulation and wave pump, a salinity refractometer, and some black background. I know thats not near enough but I'm in no hurry to have this set-up going. The equipment is so varied and expensive I'm taking it one step at a time.

Now the dilemma; do I install an R/O system or do I buy R/O water from the local lfs?
Is it really necessary to start a saltwater set-up with R/O water if your planning on using live rock as a filtration system to cycle the tank which means water changes as necessary? I have read that you want the purest water you can get for a reef tank but I'm unsure if thats what you need to start with being the tank will be getting water changes to keep the parameters in check at the beginning.
I like to Thank Cliff and ILuvMyGoldBarb for the stickies and their Blogs.
It's alot of info which I'm still trying to digest but then again, thats why I'm here.