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Thread: Hiding corys

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    Default Hiding corys

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    Hi all,

    I have a 125l tank and have 6 spotted corys.

    there seems to be 3 bigger ones that are visible in the tank, yet there are three slightly smaller ones that hide constantly underneath one of the ornaments in the tank. (its ruin with a hollowed out bottom)

    i have been told not to worry, but i never see them unless i move the ornament.

    Is there anything i should worry about? or is it just that they arew smaller?

    BTW, have my water tested once a month, no ammonia, or nitrites and very low nitrates, so dont think its water quality, and i have deliberately gotten 6 plus 3 smaller black corys so that there is a decent number to avoid bullying.

    any ideas?

    New Guy!!

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    Do you know specifically what species they are? You've done the right thing to get 6, but only having 3 black ones - they'll want a bigger school too.

    I have two schools of cories (peppered and sterbai) in my 120 litre and whilst they mix readily, they do prefer their own species' company. The sterbais I have are very shy and hide a lot which is normal for them. The peppereds are very relaxed and brave.

    I wouldn't worry about yours, it may just be their species type. I would get yourself a liquid test kit though and test every week or two (or just before a water change).
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    I was thinking about adding a couple more black ones.

    Yeah, have been really careful in following the advice of the guys in the shop in regards to schooling and looking after the tank.

    Again, as you have said, its probably that they are shy, but its a little frustrating as they look cool when they are all out and about, but dont seem to see them.

    Im wondering whether the fact the lights are pretty much brand new and kicking out full power is an issue? that is why i got a few ornaments to hide out in!

    New Guy!!

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    Do you have plants? Mine like to creep about in the vegetation.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

    ~ 350 Litre Tank Journal ~ ~ 30 Litre Tank Journal ~

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    Just fake plants,

    Im still pretty new to the hobby so didnt want to overcomplicate things just yet.

    As another brief question, what is the general rule of thumb in regards to stocking?

    Is it 1" per litre (within certain boundaries)
    New Guy!!

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    No - you can only use that rule for very small fish that STAY small - like neon tetras.

    If a fish can potentially grow to 10" you aren't going to keep it in a 10gal tank LOL.

    BTW you were trying to avoid bullying by what? What else is in the tank?

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    I was being general,

    i fully appreciate that you use the adult sizes when working that out!

    in the tank i have zebra danio's, black phantom's the 6 spotted corys, and 3 black corys, i also have three ottos. im only going for small community fish as i want them all to be active and on show!
    New Guy!!

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    I see my corys only at feeding time. They are hiding in the tank the rest of the time as well. I thought of getting more but not much into fish I never see much of. Not even sure how many I still have. Perhaps 6, maybe 8.

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    Must be similar to mine then.

    the tank they were in at the LFS didnt have as many places to hide, so i suppose i was fooled ( )

    they are cool looking when they are out. to be fair the zebras and the black corys are plenty active enough so im not worried!!

    thanks for your help!

    New Guy!!

  10. Default

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    I have a pair of corys in my tank. I notice during the day and when my light is on, there not nearly as active as they are at night time, or when the tank is dark. Do they come out and play more at night?

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