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  1. Default Angelfish Tankmates

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    What are some good tank mates for an angelfish. Its in a 40 gallon breeder with 4 sunset platys, 5 corys and a bristlenose pleco. Last time I tried to add fish the Glowlight tetras got immediately chased and somewhat quickly eaten. Unfortunately none were able to be saved and I want to avoid that happening again. The angelfish is still somewhat small (around 4 inches wide).

    I've heard larger tetras (rummynose usually seems to be mentioned) are good tankmates, as well as south american dwarf cichilds. What do you guys think will work well? Would a single or pair of firemouths work at all?

    I've done a little bit of research on the firemouths and got mixed results on whether or not it would work.

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    I'd go with 15 of a bigger tetra-and try to get them all the same big size.

    4inch wide angel is pretty big and introducing a tetra that isn't near full size may look too appetizing for him.

    i wouldn't try the other cichlids in that tank tho. I have a 40b and just don't see that combo working well with that kinda space.

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    I'm with mizz. Glowlights aren't much larger than neons and can be a target, too. A group of a larger tetra would be great. A dozen or up.

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    There are a few bigger tetras that you should be able to keep with your Angel.

    Diamond Tetras, Bleeding Hearts, Columbian and Rosy tetras are some that come to mind, Remember to buy at least 10.

    Rummy Noses are fast swimmers and might be able to stay away from the Angel but their slender shape still makes them edible if you don't get them big enough, same with bloodfins.
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    I have the rummynose tetras with my angels and they've been fine.

  6. Default

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    After the large school of tetras is added would you guys suggest to just start upping the schools of fish or could I add another school of something else other than tetras?

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    In a tank that size I wouldn't add another group of fish after adding tetras - I would stick with maybe adding a few more cories but that's about it IMO.

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    2nd that ^

    you'd have 2 schools of fish: tetra's and cory's.

    that'll be plenty to be around your angel.

    I have a community set up and have 2 schools of tetra in my 40b. but if I had an angel in there, it really wouldn't work.

    your angel will get big and command some space, eventually the tank will look fuller, promise.

  9. Default

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    ok, the cories don't seem to come out from the back corner. They just swim along the back and hide under the heater. Do you know what I could do to help them come out more often?

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    bigger schools help-they do enjoy the company of their fellow friends.

    I had 6 cory's and went to 10. big big big difference in behavior.

    also-it helps if you feed them the correct food (not assuming you are doing it wrong) i have the hikari sinking pellets. its like crack for them or something. they go crazy for those things.

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