In my 55 gallon tetra tank I have had some BBA growing on my driftwood and filter discharge pieces. Well today was the day I decided to declare war on the BBA. I first tried, removing the driftwood from the tank and using a toothbrush(never used), I scrubbed at the BBA in the ink under running water. That algae just laughed at me, nothing came off. So I decided to bowl my driftwood again to see what would become of the BBA. Did you know it turns from brown to green when immersed in boiling water?
After boiling the driftwood for 30 minutes I took it to the sink and with that same toothbrush I was able scrub the BAB off the driftwood. I then put the driftwood in a bucket of tap water dosed with PRIME. The plastic pieces cleaned up a lot easier under the sink water. I just used my finger nail to scrap it off, putting the plastic filter pieces in the bucket treated with PRIME before re-attaching them to the filter. Man I hate Black Brush Algae.