Hello my name is Mike and I live here in the Sanoran desert just outside Tucson AZ. My wife and I have returned to having an aquarium about a yr ago. There have been aquariums in the house over the last 20yrs for the kids, but not for us. The kids are grown and now we can have fish for our own enjoyment. We have expanded very quickly and now have 4 tanks 40 to 55 gal six Betta tanks. and today we will be pick up a 45 gal bow front from a friend that is moving. And then we have 5 smaller tanks that vary in size from 3.5 to 20 gal. It seems as though we just keep growing. Three of the tanks are dedicated to cichlids 1 South American, 1 African and 1 mixed tank. The others consist of community tanks and Betta tanks.
My wife and I have been involved in Greyhound rescue for 20yrs. Our daughter has recently started a cat rescue here in Tucson and we have been fostering cats for her rescue.
When it comes to keeping fish it feels like the more I learn the less I know this is a very demanding hobby. It is very rewarding, learn a little more about filtration and see a huge increase in water quality! And so it goes. So with that I look forward to reading the threads in this forum and gaining more knowledge. Mike