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    Look at it this way, per sq ft. your country tends to be a LOT cheaper. Over here an average family home is 1300 sq ft, let's say you get 600sq feet in garden with that. Count on paying $280k for that.

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    (Why do you feel you have difficulty with small tanks Hobbs?)

    Because my decorating ability stinks?

    But I have to agree with housing costs. Huge differences around the country depending on the area. I love to look at photos of homes for sale in North Carolina, for instance. Man, what you get there for $280,000 is what you would pay 2 million for in places like CA, for instance.

    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 03-03-2013 at 07:02 PM.

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    That's a bit harsh. And if you do feel that way there's only one solution to it. Practice!

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    What's harsh? I'm looking all over for something harsh and not finding it. LOLOL Not sure what you are even talking about.

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    From what Ive seen from your tanks Hobbs, your decorating ability does not stink. Just have to apply the same concepts to a smaller scale. Smaller tanks are more difficult to get to "look right" but if you keep scale in mind it isnt bad.

    Real estate here is pretty cheap...I bought a 1200sq ft brick home in town limits with a 1/2 acre lot for under 150K. Now I would love to be able to dump my former home in a place like CA and sell it for their price point Id probably be able to take quite a few years off work
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    Your previous TOTM wins might suggest that your self-assessment is not entirely true!
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan

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    I'd be happy to supply a photo of the 10 right now but afraid my ability to take photos with this ^%)(*@# camera is pretty compatible to decorating these tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs View Post
    What's harsh? I'm looking all over for something harsh and not finding it. LOLOL Not sure what you are even talking about.
    I meant you are a bit harsh on yourself when you say your decorating is rubbish.

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    I am hopefully that work to build my tank room can begin within the next month. I have talked to some people about building a stand for a brand new 125/150. The SO and I have also considered building the stand ourselves since Lowes will cut the wood and we don't own nor have a real use for a saw. I was thinking that 6 4x4 posts 30" tall would supply the primary structure for the tank and it would be held together with 1x6 boards and some plywood. Hope to start on the stand within the next 2 weeks.
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    4x75Gs coming soon

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    Good luck on the stand. There are a lot of stand diy youtubes out there. 6 4x4 posts topped with plywood will do fine but for long term make sure you have some corner braces in case bumping occurs.
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