As some know I recently bought a much smaller home and will be moving within the next month With that comes brand new aquariums and and hopefully a revamp to both my personal life and my aquarium life. I want to get back to my roots of fish keeping and focus on cichlids...weed out the fat so to say of my collection and only keep the species which I am truly interested in. In the new home I am going to keep a dedicated tank room/office something I have always longed for. It is the 1st floor bedroom which is a 12ftx13ft space.

I spent the evening painting this room a nice dark "purpleish grey" or as Glidden would say "stormy night". It got me thinking about what I want to see in this room tank wise so I decided to draw up a plan and this is what I have came up with so far...

125G-A.orbicularis, G.abalios, H.species "rotkeil", L330 Royal...barren hardscape only sand, rock, and wood
75G(possibly 55G depending on space)-high tech planted with 260 watts PC lighting and pressurized CO2....dwarf hovering loaches, ember tetras, endlers, giant HMPK, otos. hoping for large shoals of the loaches and embers
50G-lake tanganyikan fish...bare hardscape with my ocelatus gold, julies, inkspot calvus, and leleupi
40G-male green terror...bare hardscape of sand, wood, rock
37G-moderately planted with some wild swordtails, and c.nanoluteus
5G-thai import super red betta

I will also have a 75/90G in the living room featuring some wild discus and the SO has a 12 year old fantail goldfish which will be in the bedroom in its own 29G.

This will be a slow progression...but hopefully an interesting one