Okay. That was a while back. I remember when you lost them because we all felt so bad. But I must have missed any follow up posts that pointed to broccoli. I'm sure glad to be aware of it.
Hope you get your new plecos!!
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Thru ignorance, I fed too much broccoli, as that was their favorite food (it causes gas, hence the bloat). I learned the hard way. I enjoyed those 2 BNPs so much, they were super little fish. With any new plecos, broccoli only once a week, only as a treat.

I am really doing a lot of research on the 2 wild caught species that were recommended to me. I will get to the swap early and am very interested to see the captive bred fish from one of the breeders I met. He told me his plecos sell quickly, so I want to be the first one at his table!!! Fish from the other 2 sellers were all wild caught - still leery about these.