I just checked my ammonia in my ten gallon today. I haven't fed them any recently. But i think the otto cats are the ones keeping my ammonia up in the ten gallon tank with the betta fish and assassin snail.

My ammonia is again .5 this evening.

I will have to do another 50 percent water change to keep it down.

I currently have 3 otto cats of the original 5 remaining the other two died of ammonia poisoning from all their wastes possibly and i know one died from stress.

Should i return them to the petstore and invest in another snail?

I can't put shrimp in this tank due to the betta, nor can i keep cory cats because pygmys are impossible to find in my area, if i did another snail it would have to be another assassin or a larger nerite or apple snail.

What do you think.

I would take them back tonight to one of the two places left open if necessary this evening if that is the general consensus. The only other option is the obvious one, daily fifty percent water changes.

Opinions wanted.