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    Absolutely stunning tank! Very nicely done. Will look forward to photos as they grow and mature. And wow to the 3D background. Impressive!
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    Thanks a lot for all the compliments guys, I appreciate it, a lot of time and money went into this project, but it was well worth it. Funny story about those 3D backgrounds, they became completely covered in algae for a while, you couldn't even see the original color like it is now, turns out I just had to lessen the amount of time my lights were on by one hour and that did the trick. Algae just seemed to melt away.

    I'm really glad I ended up with two male/females, thanks for the help, quick question regarding them, I've never really breed anything before (haven't tried), but if I do get one or two pairs form, would it pose a problem genetically speaking that they all come from the same parents?

    I always liked clown loaches actually, I had a couple of them in the past, even though the main reason is going to be for the snails I really like the color and life they bring to the tank, I would have opted for assassin snails but I can't seem to find them here in Trinidad.

    I need some advice on those rocks, I can get normal river rocks and place them through the tank to sort of form natural barriers but I was thinking of getting a giant amazon sword mother plant and planting it smack dab in the middle between the two air stones, anyone have an idea how that might look and/or suggestions on rock placement? I noticed my discus and a couple other fish are limited to the areas they can hide behind my driftwood.

    Here's a closer pic of two of the rams, I'll try to get a better pic of the rest tomorrow, I really need to make sure I have at least 2 males/females or 1 male/3 females.
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    Ohhhh my! Those yellow white and orange discus just melt my heart, amazing! How many discus do you have or plan on getting? Will you stick with warm colors or get some blues for contrast?
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    Thank you!, currently I have 6 discus, two albino leopords (the ones you like), two super blues, one white eruption, and another eruption that was stunted when I bought it (didn't know at the time). I'm planning on replacing the two eruptions with something else but only after I get them sold.

    These pics aren't from today but here's the blues I have right now, love these guys.

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    That looks like a pair. You can tell by the tail fins. The males have extended rays on their tail fins (the two trailing points on the top and bottom). The females do not have this and it's more of a curvature tail. Now you know how to check the other two. =] Congrats on at least one pair.

    If your rams do mate in the tank, they might become more territorial and aggressive to the other fish. The mated pair might become more defensive toward anything that comes near their nest/fry. That being said, Bolivians are more docile than other Rams and aren't likely to harm your fish.

    I know the Bolivians (and most dwarf cichlids) will be fine with a nice Amazon Sword, but I'm not sure how Discus are with plants. Usually cichlids like to rip them apart. Can't help you with that one, but it would certainly look beautiful in that tank. If you have river rocks that are easily accessible, it's pretty likely that they'll be fine for your tank, but you can always test them with vinegar.

    Just pour some vinegar on top of the rock and if you see bubbling it means it'll (at least some of it will) break down in the water, releasing contaminants.
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    Awesome, thanks again, I'm pretty sure I noticed those extended rays on the tail fins on at least two of them, so it is possible the other two might form a pair also. So if they do breed together, will the offspring be alright? even though all four rams come from the same parents?

    I've never had any problems with the discus and plants, the biggest humbug with the plants actually seem to be the snails, the anubias thrives in my water. I think I might go ahead and get the big amazon sword for the middle of the tank and add some rocks for accent, hopefully it turns out good, I do think I need some more natural barriers in the tank, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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    I imagine you're question is in reference to inbreeding? If so, the offspring should be fine. It becomes an issue, when you have years of inbreeding going on that the fish become increasingly less hardy and start to develop deficiencies or mutations. I imagine you'd be ok.

    No problem. =] Thanks for sharing your tank with us - I love it and I can't wait to see how it develops further!
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

    Have a fish problem? Fill out and post this completed questionnaire in the General Aquarium Forum, when you start a new thread.

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    Yeah that was exactly what I was asking, I should be good for a while I hope, I'm excited to see if I actually get them to breed =]

    I really appreciate all the compliments, later this week I'm going to try to add that big amazon sword in the middle, some river stones for accents and to mark the territories.

    I noticed a lot of buildup in the cave section on my driftwood so I will be adding a powerhead for added circulation soon, I will have it set on a timer to switch it on/off periodically during the day.

    Eventually I want to get rid of my sponge filter but it seems to be helping the fluval fx5 for now, can't hurt to use it as a backup, it's only aesthetically displeasing haha.

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    Nice looking tank, can't wait to see the outgrow of the plants.

    Discus are one fish I have never kept but now that I know how to naturaly lower the pH and hardness maybe I will give them a try.

    Of course I will need another tank .

    A nice school of Rummy Noses or Cardinals would look very good in your tank.

    Keep up the good work.
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    thanks man, I can't remember if it's a red Reuben or red Indian sword but I actually trimmed that down a lot and re planted it from another location in the tank, it was huge before. The three Anubias are growing great also, the sunset crypt on the other hand started to melt but I'm hoping that comes back.

    I initially wanted to go with the rummy noses or cardinals/neons but they would be small enough to get sucked in by the intake and aesthetically I did not like how a pre filter sponge would look so I scrapped the idea.

    Discus have come a long way from what people have developed a pre conceived notion of them being a really difficult fish to take care of. Unless your water is like liquid rock, or you're considering wild discus, you should be fine with the water you have now. It's not that difficult to soften your water naturally but I find with the amount of water changes you should be doing with discus it's often impractical. In order to get the most growth Discus keepers normally feed 4-6 times a day with daily 90-100% water changes. But like I said, that is if you are interested in growing them out quickly, mines will still grow but they will take much longer to do so.

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