Lol the fish won't be the price of your average tetra but they'll be of average cost IMO.

In all honesty besides the wanams which I know will breed in my water I'm kind at a loss on what else fish I will keep in these tanks that will thrive/breed.

I'm thinking of using almond leaves which I know local breeders use to lower ph/hardness for spawning and then grow the fry up in unaltered tap water.

I wonder if the drip system would negate the effects of the leaves.. I know it would surely dampen their potency and I may have to use more leaves.

For plants the most I would be willing to do would be 1-2 pieces of Anubias (im partial to anubias), on a rock. These are going to be bare bottom tanks and I will use spawning mops/clay pots where needed. So I may have to look into additional aeration.