Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm pretty sure I won't be getting the EBJD anymore. I'm envisioning the tank with this stock in the near future:

7 Bolivian rams (may get one more for the hell of it)
12 emerald rainbowfish

And either two dozen tetras or I may go ahead and lean towards a rainbowfish tank, maybe some bosemanis, red irians?

So another possibility will be

The 7 or 8 Bolivians
12 emeralds
12 bosemanis
12 red irians
6 sae

I know I would have to worry about the rainbows interbreeding but I'm pretty sure the fry won't make it, especially with the Bolivians scouring.

I'd really like to get some of your guys thoughts on this stock change, the Discus would hopefully be gone in 2 weeks but to source the other fish may take a little longer, times like these I could just order from liveaquaria lol.

Btw in the end of next year we'll be moving so ill finally have space for more tanks.

I'm thinking of an amazon biotope tank with adult WILD discus (at least 500 gallons), and Altum angels, so ph is probably going to be around 5 or lower with 0 hardness.

If I'm not able to figure out a cost efficient way to mix the RO water and run the tank ill just use regular tank bred discus instead.

I've always wanted a reef so I may look into that also at least 500 gallons. I will be lucky enough to have the opportunity to run all the plumbing beforehand has the house is yet to be built so that's a plus.

I envision the two tanks filtration be kept in one room and in that same room I keep a couple breeding and quarantine tanks.

This is of course just my hopes for the next year or two, who knows might happen by then. ( I wanted to build a massive shark tank too but I doubt that's going to happen lol)

That's all for now, looking forward to hearing your feedback, thanks again.