Alright guys here it is, as always all comments and criticism is greatly appreciated and accepted.

So here's what I did in detail, took out the wood, hosed it down, vacuumed the entire substrate, (my neck is still killing me), added roughly 15 plants, aubias, crypts, my baby crinium natan (very rare plant to get locally) and 4 female Bolivian rams, bringing my total to 8. Sadly one of the initial 4 was a mean bugger and had to be removed because he was bullying my discus, can't have that so brings my total to 7, 2 males and 5 females, I think.

Added some hardscape with the lava rock and I tied aubias down to a couple pieces to see how well they would grow, btw the entire substrate is normal pool filter sand supplemented by flourish tabs.

I think that's pretty much it for now, within the next month I'll be getting rid of these 6 discus, removing the heater etc and importing some high quality strains to grow out, but that's another journal for another time. :)

@KevinVA, thanks for your support bro, I didn't try the snail thing yet because I knew I was going to be adding more plants so I wanted to wait and catch whatever snails might have snuck their way into the tank on the new plants.

If anyone has any questions etc, it's greatly welcome, thank you.