Hey guys, I'll be using this thread to track the progress of my tank for anyone who is interested :)

It's a 5ft x 2ft x2ft 150 gallon which has been established since August. I initially wanted to go with a Discus only tank but I have recently decided to switch it to a Community tank.

I'll be posting pics tomorrow but here is what is going on as of now. I have had 6 Discus since August and they're doing great, no sign of illness etc.

My tank water parameters are as follows: 8.4 pH, 7GH, 8KH. 80 - 82 degrees with no heater. Filtration is a Fluval Fx5, Coralife 36W UV Sterilizer in line, and a sponge filter rated for 100gallons.

I do a 60 % water change every 3-4 days.

I recently added 12 emerald rainbow fish, 6 male, 6 female, 4 bolivian rams, I think I have 2 female 2 males but I'll pics tomorrow for you guys to help me determine what I have, and one male albino bushy nose pleco, looking for a female to add.

Currently the only thing I have planned to add is 6 juvi clown loaches to deal with my snail problem and a female abn for my boy. Pics tomorrow and I welcome any suggestions or ideas for my tank.