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    Default Joseph's 37gal Yellow-Themed Freshwater Community

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    I've had my tank for going on five years now, and I think it's about time I start documenting the progression of my tank.

    As the title of this thread suggests, I have a 37gal freshwater community aquarium. Currently, I house golden gourami, black skirt tetras, bumblebee gobies, otos, a siamese algae eater, a bronze cory, serpae tetras, and pink GloFish. I know my patchwork of species isn't very refined (and also has a few stocking issues), but I've finally decided what I want to do with my tank and will be fixing these problems very soon. On top of these fish, I have amazon swords, sagittaria, moneywort and aubias nana. I'll post a picture tomorrow when I get a chance.

    My tank has gone through a lot of iterations in the past five years, but here's my vision for the future: a somewhat-planted aquarium with only neutral-coloured (though not white) and/or yellow fish. I don't like the way my serpae tetras look against the green of the plants, and as they're nearing the end of their life (I got them when I set up my tank), I won't be replacing them when they're gone. Since the GloFish are recent additions (which I was specifically told were not GloFish when I bought them; had I known, they would have stayed at the store), I'll probably bring those back to my LFS. My last surviving cory is also near the end of its life, and I don't really need/want any more after this one dies since I don't want as many as are necessary to have a full school and also it seems like the otos will be able to do a fine job on their own. So here's the plan: my 2 golden gourami, 3 bumblebee gobies, and school of black skirt tetras as my display fish and my school of otos and siamese algae eater as my cleanup crew.

    As you'll see when I post the picture, my background is an absolute disaster, so I'll be removing that and painting the back of the tank once I have enough plants grown in that it won't look barren. I haven't decided on the colour yet, but that's a decision for the future. I'm also thinking of replacing my gravel with some sort of plant substrate to avoid running into problems in the future.

    So yeah, that's my current situation and my plan for the future. I hope you'll join me on this journey and I can't wait to see how the rest of it unfolds!
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

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    I'm in! Looking forward to seeing your journey!

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    Welcome to the AC, it will be fun to see your progress...and we like pics here (hint hint)
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    Instead of doing what I should be doing (homework), I find myself thinking about my tank - something I'm sure everyone here is familiar with . I'm thinking of adding some Boesmani Rainbows to my stock since their back half is that gorgeous yellow-orange. However, I've read that they need long tanks, and mine is only 30" long (I think); can anyone speak to this? Also, some sources said that they like to be in schools and others made it seem like it didn't really matter, so any personal experience on this would be much appreciated.

    I'm a little worried about putting them in because they are pretty big and I don't want my tank to get crowded. Are there any other fish that have bright yellow that anyone can suggest?

    I'm going to the LFS at some point this week so I'm very excited!! Pictures of the current tank coming later today (and I may even be able to scrounge some older ones).
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

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    Boesmani's do need a larger tank...and are happier in a school. I was going to suggest you check out the Dwarf Neon Rainbow...they are stunning and don't need as large a tank...but just're going yellow...hmmmmm....have to re-think....

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    + 1 to Debora, the Boesmani need a larger tank and a school of at least 6 for sure.

    How about Gold tetras?,d.cGU They are realy a rich gold color, also there is a orange variety of the Von rio tetra that looks nice. There's the old stand by of gold wagtail platies, though i'm not a platy fan.

    Many of the "blue eyes" species, Pseudomugil, are yellow in color.

    I like your plan and whatever you decide on will turn out fine in the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgranata13 View Post
    my background is an absolute disaster, so I'll be removing that and painting the back of the tank
    This sounds interesting. I'll follow to learn more on painting tank.

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    Ok, so here's a picture I just took tonight:
    I wasn't able to find any older pictures, but I'll keep looking.

    I used SeaView to seal the background on but, as you can see, it's peeled off in quite a few places. Since the tank needs to be horizontal to apply SeaView and I have no other reason to rip everything out just so I can stick the background back on, it'll just have to stay that way for now.
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

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    Sorry for that poor quality image; I tried uploading from my iPhone. Here's a better one:
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

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    Just a small update here. I went to my LFS today to pick up some more fertilizer for my plants. Did you know that 2L of Flourish Excel is $50?! It'll last me 10 months, though, and it's good quality so I don't mind. I was also hoping to pick up some adult brine shrimp to feed to my fish since I don't have enough time to hatch and raise them myself, but they didn't have any. Guess I'll have to go back.

    Though I wasn't intending to buy any more fish, I saw some really healthy-looking black skirt tetras and I couldn't resist. I now have 8 in my school, and I'll definitely be getting more once I have room (I have 27 fish in my tank so it's getting pretty full).

    That's all for now
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

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