Its well known I have a Betta fixation LOL. What I like about them most, aside from their spectacular beauty, is that each one is very very different. Though their base behaviors and likes are all the same, from that, you can have everything from a viper to a kitten in personality. They are usually all giant welcome wagons though, and they are always very very aware of your presence. I find, unlike most other fish, they notice you even if they DON'T want food. They interact, and are particularly smart, and learn things quickly, even tricks.

I have two currently at the moment, sad sad that that is as I've had up to 20 at a time, but current circumstances won't allow it.

Tiberius, my half-moon mustard gas, -must- be kept alone. He will attack anything, and is very aggressive. He has to have the lights on the tank OFF, at all times, only natural daylight or he flips out. If anyone attempts to just put a finger to the tank, and disturb his domain, he goes into a flaring frenzy. If his temperature fluctuates even one degree, he lets me know, by actually flaring at the heater! If I re-arrange his decor in the tank, he has a snit, however, aside from this, he is smart smart smart, and has learned several tricks. He will eat from my fingers, and do a "dance" if I circle my finger on cue. He always has to know what I'm doing.

Lilly, is my new acquisition. A female veil tail, whom was a complete and utter impulsive purchase, whom I thought I would attempt to place in my ten gallon neon haven. It was a risk to say the least. I did at least have a back up plan of her own tank if things went horribly wrong.

I am shocked, and surprised, she gets along great with the neons, and even to my utter fascination and delight, schools with them. They are not nervous about her at all, she weaves right through them and they are very relaxed like "s'up lady". They swarm to eat together with no aggression, and she handles the flow from the aquaclear just fine, as well as the bubble curtain back wall, weaving through it playfully. This has been a shocker, as Tiberius would be having a fit.

Just goes to show, each one is very very different! Neat little creatures they are!