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    +1 I think you can achieve both the open space look you are going with and the adequate hiding places quite nicely. Maybe you'll even like it more than you like your current hardscape. I would suggest a rock formation off to one side of the tank that kind of flows into a more open, sporadic layout. This could be a good happy medium for you and the fish.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    Hate to say it for the 3rd time but you have not got enough hiding spaces in your tank. They are not happy fish when they can not get away from others and find a "home".

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    Maybe the third time will be a charm. Who knows, maybe jail will work... It's nearly the same concept as removing the fish from the tank to give the other fish time to establish their territories. Except the aggressor is in the tank watching the other fish steal what he considers his territory and possibly gaining more aggression from it, while not having nearly enough room to swim about, but it might work... At least he isn't spanking the fish.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Im going to work something out with the rock work sooner than later. I know there will be aggression i just dont want nipping or no nipping(currently no major nipping from what i can see) all the fish to be afraid of the BOSS where they dont feel comfortable swimming everywhere in the tank. Im hoping the other fish establish themselves so things wont be how they where when i release him. About jail it has vents so hes getting filtration.
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    Not a mumba keeper but appreciate their beauty. your fish are stunning. i've read through all the posts and come away with this: no change is forever so what would it hurt to change the landscape with your existing rocks - make a couple definitive areas instead of having the rocks spread out all over the bottom of the tan? If it doesn't work, change it back. someone suggested a piece of driftwood. maybe get two medium sized pieced and use them in conjunction with the rocks to create caves and hidey holes that would not block your line of sight. definitely worth a try as I can see why you would not want to lose any of those fish.

    Will be eager to see how the 'jail' time worked. Am wondering, however, if, as mommy1 suggested, watching his territory usurped might increase his aggression rather than diminish it. any chance you have QT you could place him in for a week out of sight of the other tank? Then add him back in after his time out so he has to adjust to an already established tank?

    In any event. good luck. it's clear you care very much and are looking for a solution that works for you as well as the fish.
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    That's just not the point BB. The tank should have been set up for these fish before you got them. Their first instinct is to search out their territories and hiding spots. Not having these area's continues to make them aggressive and fighting for territories. Of course aggression will continue if not more females than males as well but territories are vial to these fish.

    I guess I don't understand it taking weeks to get rock hunting. I did it in one day in about an hour. It's not a big deal.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 12-19-2012 at 02:21 PM.

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    Default Day 1 after release

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    I dont want to jump to any conclusions but i feel i may have done something with the jail thing. I released him last night after light out and observed the tank most of the day. First when i cut off the light to feed after eating he was going up to fish and flashing his fins but only intimidated one or two fish, hours later to right now im witnessing hes being chased buy 4-5 fish and one is one of my smaller fish that he payed no attention to when he ruled. He holds his own with some fish but it looks to me that hes a lower rank in the hierarchy which is good. Im not saying its permanent or that its a solid solution but it seems to be working. This with a slight mod to the hardscape should defiantly do the job.

    Ive never really considered driftwood in a african setup but just might look into that and keep my eye open for some good pieces. Big pieces usually cost around 70$ tho ouch.
    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    Yeah driftwood can be freakin expensive. I got lucky though and can get large pieces at a local wholesaler(of sorts) for 15-30 dollars.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    i also have a tank boss, well 2 actually, they have split the tank between them, my tank has loads of caves, some really big plastic plants and piles of bogwood, i agree with the comment about sight lines, these fish are agressive, where they come from they need to be to survive so unfortunately you will have to break up the area so that each fish has its own space, to answer your main question, unfortunately most cichlids are a pain in the rear to other cichlids, they constantly want what the others have, you could try taking the present boss out for a few days and let another become dominant and then replace him/her, ive read that works for some marines so why not cichlids or put in a few very tall plants at the back of the tank so the fish cant see all the way to the other end unless it swims to the front. i know how frustrating it is when you dont get the answer you were looking for but the advice you have been given is sound but it is entirely up to you what you do with it

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    Something I forgot to add! I have had a lot of luck with curbing aggression in my breeders by taking the anchor off of a large plastic plant and letting it float. However this tank is not set up for looks, purely functional.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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