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    Question Ideal Tank Boss ?

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    Before i go ahead and adress the isue at hand i want to say this. Im kind of attached to my current tank boss because when i first stocked this tank ihad a deadly spike that killed everyone except him so i took him to my LFS so they can hold him until my tank was ready again. When my tank was ready i added him first so he was in the tank for about a few hours before the rest of the stock. Now i have 19 in the tank hes still the boss but he wont leave anyone alone and 90% of the fish are on one side of the tank i dont want to jump to any conclusions because i just added 5 yesterday so he may just be letting the other fish know whos boss. If this continues is it safe to say i will have to get rid of him ? Or is there anything i can do to stop him ? already rearranged the rocks. Thanks.
    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    Left Side of The Tank

    Right Side Of The Tank
    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    I still think you need more rock and to stack the rock to establish hiding areas IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffs99dime
    I still think you need more rock and to stack the rock to establish hiding areas IMO.
    Exactly, The rocks you have now are doing nothing to allow them to establish territories or break up sight lines.
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    My survivor(Tank Boss) is the only one pushing them to one side of the tank regardless of sight lines if one of them appears on that side of the tank he will chance them back to the other side. Im not a fan of stacking rocks because you need 100's of lbs and all those crevices and such become irrelevant once they get too big to hide in them and i want them to have as much swimming space as possible. The reason i got peacocks and not mbunas was to avoid having tons of rock. I read and was told Peacocks are free swimmers and dont care too much for caves and such did i read wrong ?
    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    I'm with you on more rock and caves and broken sight lines also. rearranging the rocks wouldn't do much as there are no real natural territory there just one big one. I don't think you will need to get rid of him. just add more rocks or make piles of rocks with maybe some plastic plants in between each one. anything that stops him being able to see the others will work.

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    When it comes to fish, especially cichlids, what you want doesn't matter. Those fish live in rocky areas and require rock scapes. You can make all the excuses and talk about your preferences all you want, the fact is, if you don't give them what they need you will continue to have problems. End of story.
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    If one does not let one cross the tank what does piling rock do? Might aswell add a divider to the tank. My question is simply asking is my tank boss too aggressive to be my ideal ruler. CROSS the tank meaning he has claimed half of the tank not a certain cave or such. My second in command my (red fin borelyi) flares up his fins when ever someone is near occasionally chases for a sec but never non stop like my boss. The bottom is rocky there is 12 large to medium rocks front to back creating crevices and such and the top is for free swimming. Its like you guys want me to pile my whole tank up with rocks and leave nowhere for them to swim or its not enough.
    Here are some tanks that inspired me i also would like you to criticize these tanks. Your probably not going to look at them but if you do i dont see tons of rocks nor the aggression im asking about. I dont mind criticism at all i just dont like how the question gets forgotten and then im talked to like i havnt read enough on the fish i got when i did.

    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    Here is a bit from this article mind you this isnt the only place i read this and the main reason i chose to go with peacocks and haps instead of mbunas to minimize rock work. Now will i add some ? yes will it be alot more ? No I have 3 other pieces im going to add. But the way my tank looks has nothing to do with the problem i have with my tank boss.

    "Remember that these different fish are in need of different aquascaping. This is why a large tank is best. Cave dwelling mbuna will need rocks and caves in order to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Most haps and peacocks require some open, sandy areas for their comfort as well. A large tank allows you to provide both settings to keep everyone happy."

    That is from this article
    110g All Male Peacock/Hap Tank

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    You where just given the perfect advice on what you should do in order to address the issue and you are still ignoring it and looking for other excuses. The way to fix it is by adding more rock that allied them to define small territories just as they would in their natural . If you do that then you stand a much better chance of having a more balanced tank. Don't ignore the advice you where given our you may aswell have not asked for it in the first place

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