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  1. Default need ur suggestion..

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    hello every1...
    want suggestion from all of u......
    can I put money-plant instead of living plant in my community tank???

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    I have no idea what you mean. Pictures and links will help here.

    Is it a fake plant? If it wasn't something intended for aquarium use I would be unlikely to risk it as there are ALL kinds of toxic paints, Dyes and adhesives that could be used on it.
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    Why pretend there are no stupid questions? Actually, There are many stupid questions: "Should I drink this bleach?" Is just one example.
    Having said that, Just because it's a stupid question doesn't mean that it shouldn't be asked. It's better to know.

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  3. Default

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    If your talking about the common house hold plant that goes my that name like this than no. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being it can't live underwater:

    "At some point you aren't making the animal more dead...You are just making a bigger mess." - Demjor19

  4. Default

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    If you want to add fake plants having live ones won't interfere with that at all. Though I do recommend washing the fake plant well, see having it sit in hot water to get germs off. If you are really worried you can give it a bleach dip.
    RIP Shark Bait, my Red Tail Shark :(

  5. Default

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    that plant is awesome in terrariums , might not do so well completely submerged but the root system will spread in to your tank and create hiding and spawning spots for your fish it will also help maintain water quality , i've seen it growing over a pond belonging to a buddy of mine the roots grow into the water and his goldfish and koi spawn in it regularly , i'll try to get some pics but, the plant itself wont harm your fish but i dont think it'll grow submerged in the tank , if you somehow affix it over the tank with the roots leading into the water that could work but it may look messy , anyway good luck ! :)

  6. Default If you manage to grow this let me know

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    I think this is the plant he means:
    1) 140 gallon with 70 gallon sump. 1 German Rams, 50 neons , 16 Schwarzi cory, 10 harlequin rasbora, 6 Hengals Rasbora, 2 Bulldog Plecs, 4x dwarf Gouramis, 12 golden barbs, 12 cherry barbs,8 Yellow Boesemani Rainbows and loads of assasin snails. Sump has central heating pump. water flows through a 4 layer foam and 1- 2kg of bio, also has a 18"x 18" algae scrubber that works well. fluval U2 to transfer to my QT when needed

  7. Default

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    Ahhh, if only I could have a money plant in my tanks. Then this expensive hobby would finally pay for itself.
    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
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  8. Default plz help!!

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    plz help guys!! about a month ago i had put 5 danios in my tank...
    my tank mates are guppy, redtail shark, rainbow shark, molly, neon tetra and black skirt tetra... 2 days ago i found one guppy died... sumbody had trimmed his/ her tail... and today i found neon tetra died...
    dnt knw who is the culprit... but i am suspecting danios....
    plz help me wid ur suggestions...

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    methuen ma usa

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    it was the shark but you shouldnt change the questions mid thread just start a new one.
    I wonder if i plant one of my tiger barbs would the demon seed grow to a full tree?
    gotta love them bunnies!
    I.R.S.: We've got what it takes to take what you've got!

  10. Default

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    r u sure it was shark?????????? which one? redtail??????

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