Here are this morning's numbers from the 10 gallon fishless cycle...

AMMO .5 (due to some leftover rotting leaves from the crypto melt after the bleach solution bath i'm pretty sure)


NITRATES didn't bother checking because we all know they're high...

Temperture currently 83.7 (bumped it up two days ago from 78.4 and it gave it what it needed)

Now i could probably find some shrimp to stock in this tank as far as the red crystal ones at the lfs i trust, but not the ember tetras. I could always check with the fourth of my lfs to see if they have them.

Should i do a 90 percent WC on this tank and then keep dosing with ammonia. I can check my LFS stores this evening and see if i can find anything after i get off work. I will be looking for ember tetras. Neons and cardinals i know at least one of my LFS stores carry them.

What do you think. Also if you advice me to wait...four drops of ammo daily gave me a ready of .5 should i keep dosing with that if you tell me to hold off? The ammo in there is a constant reading i've had for the last two to three days, so don't think i'd need to dose unless it drops to zero.

Thoughts? Comments?