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  1. Default Shrimp dying randomly

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    Hey gang I have a mystery that I can't seem to figure out.

    In my 20 gal tank I had 3 ghost shrimp that were doing great and I added 25 red cherry shrimp. Since add the RCS I have noticed they are dropping like flies. Like 1 per day at least. And even 2 of my 3 ghost shrimp have died now. I can't figure out why.

    I did treat the tank with tetra parasite guard a few weeks back before I added the RCS. I did move the ghost shrimp to a different tank at that time. After I was finished treating the tank I did a huge WC then added the ghost shrimp back. They seemed fine once back in the tank. Once I started noticing the RCS dying everyday I thought maybe there was medicine left in the tank so I added a carbon bag into the filter to remove it, but they are still dying.

    I paid almost $50 for my RCS and if I have 10 left alive right now that is a lot.

    What am I missing?

    Most of the fish in the tank are small so I don't think it is them killing the shrimp. I did add a Pearl Gourami to the tank a few days before I added the RCS. Could the gourami be the killing them?

    I would like to restock the tank with shrimp again but not until I can figure out what is killing what is in it now.

    Water parameters are good: ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10, ph 7.4

  2. Default

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    The Gourami will eat anything that can fit in his mouth, such as shimp. It is very possible and probable the Gourami is killing them.

  3. #3


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    +1 with Jeff - are you finding dead whole shrimp or are they disappearing?

  4. Default

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    Some are missing and some are whole and I am pulling them from the tank. Though I am pretty sure I have seen the gourmai snacking on some dead shrimp, but i haven't noticed any interest in the live shrimp. Maybe at night she goes after them? Its typically in the morning that we find dead ones.

    Maybe I will move the gourami over to my 55 gal, probably better for her(?) since there is more room. No shrimp in that tank.

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    Couldn't hurt to try that - at least if you still find dead shrimp after doing that you have eliminated a possibility.

  6. Default

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    Will run it by my wife and if she is okay with it then I will do it tonight.

    The bigger question is should I do drip acclimation to the new tank or can I just put him right into the new tank if the water parameters are the same?

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