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For a week or less... unless you have fry or some very touchy fish just don't bother feeding at all imo.

Which if you have just the black skirts listed in your sig I'd think they be fine. Keep in mind that in the wild fish do not eat every single day.

If you have someone coming over even just once or twice then measure out a feeding quantity for them and that is even better.
IME I totally agree with this [And have left my fish for 5 days or more on more than one occasion with no issues].

A couple reasons for this IMO:

* As mentioned fish in the wild don't eat every day and healthy fish can go a week without eating.
* You are running out of time to effectively test whatever auto system you are going to use & certainly wouldn't want to use it untested.
I would want to test it for at least as long as I needed to trust it for.
* You risk less by not feeding them at all as opposed to having the auto-feeder potentially overfeed them on a daily basis.

Just my 2 cents worth.