I didn't pay much attention to his behaviour at first because he often lays on the rocks ( on his side) or face first in a plant.......BUT, now this just doesn't seem right, he is moving very little, well only to find a new spot to lay down, he's not swimming at all...and I thought all this bad stuff was out of the way with what happened in October :(
Anyway, PH is fine, done a half tank change, temp is 80 (US), salted the water, added Pimafix and Melafix ( both natural treatments based on Bay Oil and Cajeput ( Melaleuca), would like to add Multi cure which is Malachite Green, Methylene blue and Acriflavin for velvet disease, white spot and fungal disease ( just in case)....because I can't see anything obviously wrong with him this time :(....but I don't want to overdose the tank with all these treatments, can I do it or not?