I have 3 adult albino cory in a 15 gal (if I can ever find a tall tank I might go a little bigger but I have been saying that for a while). There are maybe 4 adult guppies, 2 small adult guppies, a billion baby guppies, a ghost shrimp, and a couple of small chinese algae eaters (they will be gone soon).

I have 10 albino cory babies (5 weeks old and growing fast except 2 runts). I could add a couple more to the 15 gal. I have a 55 gal corner tank with lots of community fish (1 pleco, guppies, mollies, tetras, 2 cae) but no bottom feeders.

The female in the 15 gal has been laying eggs like crazy (I have maybe 20 on a thermometer moved to a separate tank that were layed tonight). She has layed eggs maybe 6 times in less than 2 months. None have survived except the 10 that were separated. She layed eggs about a week and a half ago and I saw a few when sucking gravel but have not seen them any other time. They seemed to be living in the gravel (as in under the gravel in the cracks) but surely they are too big to be there any more?

So to sumarize, I have a 55 gal corner tank (maybe 22"x22" floor area), and a 15 gal. I have a betta tank (a 1 gal and a 1.7 gal connected but the cory would probably not be able to swim back and forth like the beta does). I figured the betta tank was too small.

I have 3 adult and 10 baby cories, and may have more fry soon.

I can give away any extras. I already plan on giving away the cae out of both tanks and some guppies (probably just put them up on craigs list for free).

Any thoughts on how many to keep in either tank?