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    Default Converting to a Cichlid tank

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    Current setup is a 35gal with HOB AC filter, and a Fluval 205. Mediumly planted with mix of black sand and planting substrate.

    Now I have a handful of Rasboras and 3 or so guppies and a single dwarf gaurami. As that tank itch has come up.. here is what I'd like to do.

    I'm interested in getting some Cichlids..

    Here are just a few I am thinking of.. Loving the bright colors.

    Those are the few that I'm like toying with. Love Parrot fish. Also love angels. think the silver dollars are gorgeous and the Badis is just cool looking. Just trying to figure out a route to go... Would like to up my fishkeeping experiance here... move on from the run of the mill easy/peasy fish.

    Any ideas guys?
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    First, a 35 is too small for yellow Lab's, parrots, angels, or silver dollars. All of those fish will also eat live plants, particularly the silver dollars. Badis aren't cichlids, and are troublesome in that they seldom accept anything but live food. You may get lucky and get them to eat frozen, but forget flakes or pellets.
    You'd be much better off with dwarf species like Apisto's or kribensis, particularly in a planted tank.

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    I see that you are looking for color - I'm the same way :o) But you don't want to house fish that will not be compatible or you'll have nothing but heart ache.
    Angels and Blood parrots are south american cichlids and could live together but in a much larger tank. They would not do well with the Africans you have listed.

    Blood parrots are much happier in family units so 3 would be the absolute minimum to keep and the 35 is too small for them.

    Silver Dollars get very large and are very skittish fish. Again, too large for a 35 gal.

    In a tank that size you could have 1 angel and perhaps a small school of tetras - large enough that the angel won't eat them when he is fully grown.

    Dwarf chiclids may be another option ... as some one has already said
    I'm sure others will have suggestions for you as well. Good luck and don't hesitate to run more option by us.
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    As was pointed out above there are alot of dwarf chiclids you good use. Just remember that even though they are generaly more peaceful than their larger cousins the are still chiclids as far as territory and feeling crowded.
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