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  1. Default What Kind of Driftwood to get?

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    So I was thinking about getting some driftwood, but there are alot of types and im not quite sure which is the best for my setup. I have an oscar tank, and obviously I want them to be ok. I have heard about the tannins and im not sure which ones release the most. I would like my water to be as clear as possible. I am not sure if there is a permanent discoloration due to the wood or not. I am pretty much a noob when it comes to driftwood. Any help would be nice.
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    IMO, its all up in the air, there is lots of types, I have 3 in my tank, I use purigen and have an LED light. I do 50 WC weekly and my water is crystal. the only problem is though, looking at the end of my tank and looking through to the other side it looks dingy, I have no clue why looking through the sides would effect it.. sorry no help

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    tannins are a temporary issue that can be solved by pre-soaking the wood or running carbon in your filters. No one kind of driftwood is better or worse, it's all about what looks best to you.
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    I just went down to my local creek and fished some out of there. No clue what kind of wood, but it does well and cost effective. Unless... you're in a city or something.

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    Just remember if you choose the local picking route. The wood has to be classified as a hard wood. Or itll rot in your tank. Moreover, some may sink or need weights attached

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    I'd say if you want your water as clear as possible then avoid real wood. Save yourself the headache and go for fake.

  7. Default

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    I got my driftwood at the LFS and it worked well, if a bit expensive.

    It did leach tannins for a few weeks while I cycled but the water changes took care of it. After a few weeks the tannins stopped coming out.

    I'm afraid I can't remember what kind of wood it was, but it was supposed to not leach many tannins into the water. Your LFS should be able to help with choice.

    I think I want a bigger tank!!

  8. Default

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    Mopani driftwood will leach the most tannins. Sometimes it can take many months to even years for all the tannins to be release. This wood has very light tan coloring on the top side, and dark coloring on the underside. It has a knotted appearance to it.

    Malaysian driftwood doesn't leach as much tannins as mopani. It's also much heavier than mopani. You'll see this dark brown wood commonly at fish stores.

    Manzanita driftwood leaches the least, but it can take anywhere from a few days of soaking to weeks of soaking before it will sink.

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    Personally I don't mind tannins. And there's quite a few species that will enjoy them (most of the community fish from south-east Asia and south America). However I do appreciate that some people may not like the look of it in which case prevention is a good idea. I have found in the past that adding carbon to a filter also seems to reduce visible tannins if the carbon is reasonably fresh.

    For me the looks of the wood are the foremost priority. When I bought the main piece of wood for my current tank I think I went trough the entire supply in two shops before I found the piece that I wanted.

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    I like Manzanita the best but only because of the looks. Your Oscars will love the tannins, all south american fish do.

    Just out of curiosity as im thinking about setting up my own oscar tank, it sounds like you have multiple Oscars, how many and what size tank?
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