So last weekend my wife and I picked out plants for my new aquarium. Not realizing that the fluorescent lights that cam with the tank are grossly inadequate, she decided it would be super nice if she went ahead and ordered them for me. Now I have plants and my aquarium is all set, but I don't have good lights yet, they're ordered and should be here early next week hopefully.
So the question is, how to keep my plants on life support until then? Here is what I came up with from what I have lying around:

I stuck a little bit of clean sand in there, dechlorinated water and a tiny dollop of seachem flourish. I have no idea what the bulb is, only that it's a daylight. I'm going to go to my local hardware store tomorrow and get whatever I can find that's closest to 6500k. I left the paper wrapping on the bottoms of the plants because I figured there's probably good things in there. Most of them are still floating, but I'm hoping they will sink after they soak for a bit so I can arrange them a little better.
Should I unwrap them and try to plant them? (I can get deeper sand) Should I leave them wrapped, but stick more sand in there and try to anchor them? Should I leave them for a while and see if they sink?
Any advice appreciated, 100% newbie here. Thanks!