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    Thumbs down I don't like scissortail rasbora

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    I thought of getting these a couple times and passed each time. But last week the store had them for 10 for $10 so I thought, what the heck. They act like danio's. Constantly flying around and chasing and nipping. I now have one with no tail fin at all. I'm not impressed but they would be useful for dithers, I guess.

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    I have Brilliant Rasboras and Harlequin Rasboras in my 55 g. They are really nice behaving. Never heard of Swordtail Rasboras, have to look them up. The troublemakers in that tank are the Zebra Danios which are picking on my blue=eyed forktails, even the group is big enough to play with themselfs.

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    You never heard of them because I told you the wrong name of them! doh
    Scissortail is what I meant to say! I changed the title to not confuse even more of you. :)

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    Just tried to look them up under that name online. Do the have another name, too?

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    O.K. got it. Well, I never thougt Rasboras would cost any trouble. Thanks for the warning.

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    I luved other rasbora I've had but hate these.

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    Wow, those look a lot like my Panda Tetras that I removed from my main tank and put in my 10 gallon tank a couple of weeks ago. They terrorized the whole tank the ENTIRE time they were in there. I left them in there for longer than I should have and finally decided to remove them when all I could see in the tank were them. They had my 28 (yes I said, 28) other tetras hiding in the plants and afraid to swim around without the Panda Tetras chasing them off.

    It was a nightmare trying to catch all eight of them because they are the quickest fish I have ever had. Needless to say, by the time I got the last one out, my tank was a mess and I was wet all over. But at least my other fish were happy and I was finally able to watch them swim all over the tank again.

    The eight little terrors are in my 10 gallon and I'm trying to sell or give them away to someone close by.

    Good luck Lady Hobbs. I hope they don't turn out like my Panda Tetras.
    Last edited by kurly; 10-20-2010 at 06:04 PM.
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    my scissortails are kinda crazy but they dont nip or anything. maybe mine are just calm

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    Good dither fish. Either they "dither" or get eaten. Neither of which would bother me any.

  10. Default

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    I had scissortails for years in a previous tank and have seven of them in our present tank and we really like them.

    I've never found them to be 'nippy' to other fish or even each other - they are very calm, school well, and tend to set the tone for the tank. It's also fun to watch them eat, as you can see brightly-colored food make it's way through.

    I'm sorry you have had a bad experience with them; they are a staple in our tank - simple, elegant and hearty, good mid-level swimmers.

    I do suggest that if you get scissortails that you not combine them with Zebra Danios, however; the zebras do break up the school, nip at the scissortails, and tend to put the scissortails out of sorts. We opted to keep the scissortails and re-home the zebras, except for the two that absolutely refused to be caught, but they mind their p's and q's now that they're outnumbered, ha.

    I also suggest a minimum of 5 to 7 scissortails as they are a schooling fish. In a small tank (10 gal. or less), you might get away with 3. Larger tanks definitely a minimum of seven or more, in odd numbers, of course so they school and do not pair off.

    Just my two cents. We've really enjoyed scissortails.
    40 Breeder, UGF (Keepin' it simple)
    Community Tank with Kribs (Bubbles and Jerry), Swordtails, Mollies, Cherry Barbs, Corys, Scissortails, Cardinals, Tiger Barbarians (ha), two zippy Zebra Danios and one fast-growing Common Pleco named Alfred.

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