Hi all
I have a problem with my plants in my aquarium.
My setup has been running for a while now over 6 months. the fish are:
3 neon tetras
3 male guppies
7 small guppies
1 ablino cory
1 bristle nose catfish
1 pleco

My aquarium is 55 litreI have a internal filter, a compressed co2 system set up. and lighting on a 8 hour a day timer.
The problem is the valsneria just seem to have stunted growth !
I see runners pop up the die off and the plants that are of a decent size just dont change or grow !
I use a iron fert as advised by my local pet dude which i dose exactly as he advised, every 2 day 0.5 ml

All water levels are as the requirements of the fish as far as i have read/studied !
PH 7.2-7.5 raises a little after water changes but drops soon after
NO3 is 25/50 finding it hard to understand what is the best level for this.
N02 is 0

I have also been reading about a supplement called Seachem, is this any good ?

Any suggestions ?